As time progresses, I plan on making some drawings and putting them in here. The first and formost of these will likely be a schematic of the electrical system. Other things, as I see fit, will make their way in here, as well...

I found this drawing of the Model A chraging system somewhere on the internet. I've put it here for later reference... I can already see that it appears alittle over-simplified.

I found a much better wiring diagram of the Model A electrical system. I was drawing my own schematic by looking at pictures from the teardown of the instrument cluster and junction box. This turned out to be a bit painful, as I couldn't clearly tell what the colors of the wires were, and some were really similar. so, I gave Google another try, and on the third attempt, I got this schematic. I will emphasize, again, that this is not my work. Credit is due to whomever did it originally.

Snyder's has some IPB's of the brake assemblies. Here they are for the front and rear brakes.


Last modified on 04/01/12