April 2014

12 Apr

Today is all about clutches and manifolds...

But first, on the off-chance that you don't know how an internal combustion engine works... A video (there's several of these)

So, first thing we did today was to pull the intake- and exhaust manifolds off the engine. This wasn't too big of a chore, really. There are two nuts/bolts that hold the carbeurator on to the intake manifold. There is also supposed to be a gasket, but this would seem to have not been in there. That would certainly explain some of the roughness of the engine.

Next step was to pull off the intake manifold. The intake manifold is held to the block by a few nuts on studs, and also two bolts that attach it to the exhaust manifold. The nuts came off the studs easy enough (although a couple came with the studs), but the bolts that held the intake to the exhaust manifold were so badly corroded, that there was mostly nothing left...

Intake Manifold Bolts...  err..  studs

It's also a bit worrisome about the water... Remember last time, when the head looked as though there'd been a fair amount of coolant being burned in cylinder no. 1? Yeah, well, the intake manifold looks to be full of something pretty icky and liquidy..

Icky Intake Manifold

Once the intake manifold was off, the exhaust manifold came off pretty easily. Like the intake, it was held on only by some nuts on threaded studs. But look in those intake ports! Ugh! looks like something wet's been getting in there, and I sure hope it wasn't anything worse than a blown gasket...

Manifolds Off

Once that was done, we got to work pulling the clutch. Why this order? For demonstration purposes. I looked a little closer at the clutch assembly, and I noticed right away that two of the twelve bolts that are supposed to hold the pressure plate down were missing. Closer inspection showed they were broken off in the clutch housing. D'oh. And then another bolt's head snapped off as soon as I put any torque on it. Double d'oh!

Manifolds Off The tall one is the one I broke.

The clutch plate looks to be in pretty darned good shape, so if nothing else, there's one part I won't have to change out...

Pressure Plate Clutch Plate

Lastly, we took the starter loose. All three bolts.

Pressure Plate


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