January 2014

11 Jan

This has been a colder- and snowier-than-usual winter... Even today, it was pretty darned cold, but I decided I could go ahead and do some minor work on my brake cross-shafts.

For the emergency brake cross-shaft, it was no big deal - just mount it in the frame with the new parts I bought long ago. Problem is, the brackets aren't painted, and it's too stinking cold to do any painting. Fortunately, the parts are pretty small, so I just popped them in the oven at ~250F, and let them heat up for about 15 minutes. I took them out to the garage and shot them with some of the Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator. I let them set for about an hour, and by then the parts had cooled to jut a little below room temperature.

Primed Mounts Painted Mounts Installed Mounts

After that, I stuck them back in the oven to get them hot again; took them out, and shot them with a couple of coats of Chassis Black. I went off to run some errands, and then that evening I was able to install the cross-shaft. I did not install new grease fittings, as I was having some problems getting them to press in. I'll likely buy threaded fittings and tap the hole on another day...

Cross-shaft Installed Cross-shaft Installed

13 Jan

Today, I had time to attempt to reassemble the service brake cross-shaft.

Bushing Installed Bushing Installed

There is a subtle difference between the driver- and passenger sides, so I took some extra time ensuring I knew which one was which. hint, the clevises are twisted outward for connection to the rear brake levers

Figuring out toggles Figuring out toggles Figuring out toggles Figuring out toggles

As with the service brake levers, they are pinned with solid rivets. I installed the new bushings, and had a heck of a time putting the toggles back on, as I miserably failed to remember to scrape the ppaint off the parts... And by the time I realized this, it would do even more damage to get them back off. I tried to get smart and use a mallet and some wooden blocks to put the toggles on, but I finally got to the point where I needed to use a socket to knock the toggles on the final bit. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the holes aligned to drive in the pins.


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