Dec 2012

28 Dec

Wow, I've not done much this month. It's been too cold to do body work, I've been too busy/lazy to do mechanical work. Just nothing getting done. OT Neighoff's finished up with the blasting and first coat of primer last week, and I kept running into barriers to getting the stuff back home. Finally was able to borrow the neighbor's truck, get Tm's help, and Carl's trailer all together at once (on a day Neighoff's was open). So, today, we got everything back to the house. I'll need to do a little touch-up sanding on some of the parts, as they have hand prints on them (that are already starting to rust), but otherwise, it's looking pretty good. The wheels came out durned pretty. The not quite a gallon of rust encapsulator I gave them wasn't enough to coat everything, so there's a few parts that need shot with that, too.

I found it a bit interesting about how white the unpainted parts look. The blasting really changes the surface features. I also noticed some yellow places in there - Mike (the guy from Neighoff's) told me those were brazings.

Blasted parts Primed Frame Orange Wheels

Also, I'm noticing that one of the radius rods was corroded enough that the sand penetrated it in places. I'm not sure if I'll try to do a few fill welds, see if I can find a new one, or what...

Rusty Radius Rod Rusty Radius Rod

30 Dec

I needed to paint something else today, so I opened up the garage to the house so it could heat up some. Since I was out there anyway, I hung the front wishbone and brake cross-links from the garage door track, and shot a couple coats of rust encapsulator and chassis black.

Fresh paint

Wow. what an anti-climactic end to the year. Here's wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!


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