Aug-Sep 2011

Aug-Sep 11

Didn't do anything. For 2 months.

Multiple reasons.

First. Change of jobs. I was unemployed for about a month and a half, so didn't want to get it too far apart, in case I needed to sell it.

Second. Hot. Danged Hot. Too hot.

Third. Lots of rain when it wasn't hot. Figured out my storage area leaks like a sieve. Didn't want to move any more parts out there.


Figured some calculations. Bought some wood. I believe I will hang a beam in the garage, from which I can mount a hoist. Looks to me that two 2x12's (side by side, standing long-ways up) can safely support about 800 lbs (active load). Don't take my word for it, though - go consult an architect if you decide to do it yourself. I will post my references, someday.

Also bought some 45 mil EDPM roofing rubber to cure my dampness problem in the storage area. That's a weekend job to do.

Once that's all done, I think maybe I can get back to work. Too bad Winter's coming on...


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