Frequently Asked Questions

How in the heck do you use this stupid site?

Sorry, I have no sense of style... You can probably believe how often this has been asked. D'oh.

So, here's how it works - Navigation pane on the left takes you to the major sections.

whenever I update the site, I update the news. Just a quick blurb about what was updated.

99% of the action is in the "Chronology" link. Click that. Inside you'll see a list of what was done, broken down by year and month. Click on any month to get all the gory details of what was done that month.

See? Simple!

Why a Model A?

One simple sentence: "They're elegant in their simplicity."

Seriously, no joke. I love the lines, I love how simple they are, and this will be a perfect vehicle (no pun intended) to teach my kids how cars work. I mean, this is the basics. Every modern car works the same as this guy, just with various improvements to increase performance and reliability.

Why a Truck?

Utilitarianism, I suppose. I do like the Model A auto, for sure, but I like the truck better. I will use this truck, at some point. I don't believe in having something "just to have it," (although I maght make an exception for a million dollars in small, unmarked bills). I have ridden in the back of many pickups, and even though it's illegal in a lot of places, these days, it sure is fun. I plan on mounting some seats in the back for my kids (maybe two benches facing each other) for when we go fishing on the weekends, or whatever. This is a family project, and I want them to want to participate. And, the silly thing might be useful for hauling things around... Like maybe a deer carcas after a hunting trip. How cool would that be?

Yeah, I know, some of you are probably having an apopleptic fit after that, but it's a truck, for goodness' sake! I hope it likes being useful again...

How much did it cost?

I hate this question, as it makes some people feel... I dunno, poor, or something. The truck itself was less than $10k. The title was a few hundred bucks. The work to the shed was a couple thousand dollars. The restoration? Who knows, but I think I'll keep track.

Why are you doing this web site?

Because I'm an attention whore.

More seriously, though, the reasons are twofold:

  1. I'm old and forgetful. Hopefully, when this is all done, I can look back, and not have any bolts left over, or in the wrong spots.
  2. To solicit "help." Not that I'm really soliciting, but I'm hoping that some people who know what in the heck they're doing might fire some good advice my way.

Are you going to paint it "original" colors?

Nope. At least I don't think so. I have a colr scheme in mind, and that is as follows:

Why in the hell are you going with those colors? You'll make it look like something a pimp would drive!!

First, any pimp would look much better driving this. In fact, if a pimp were to drive this beast, he'd look so legit that no one would think twice about his "legidimat bidness."

Second, when I was a kid, my family owned a machine shop. B&B Manufacturing. My uncle was the Mechanical Engineer, and my dad was a machinist (a tool & die). So, for a while, we built oilfield pumping units. This was our color scheme, as you can see in the photos here.

It could be you're right - I'll finish up and think it looks horrible. If so, I'll redo the paint job. I think it'll work, though.

You have too much time on your hands... Technically not a question, but I get it a lot...

I'm gonna reference this article I read, by Mur Lafferty Don't be too butt-hurt by this answer...

By Mur Lafferty

... That's such a casual statement, one of the easiest ways to discount someone else's hard work. It's the classically myopic statement, ";I don't care eough - or have enough skill - to do what you did, so clearly you're wasting your time instead of working on something I find worthy."; Which is really rude, if you think about it. Who are you to say that someone is wasting your time, if they're enjoying it? And it applies to a lot of things: I admit I've had the same thoughts about people who put a lot of work into costuming and cosplay. But I don't have the skill or patience to cosplay, but if you do, why the hell not make those amazing costumes we see at cons?


But back to the ";too much time"; thing. I've been thinking about it, and I think it's becoming the lazy person's motto. It's the thing you say when you sit back on your couch and flip throguh cable channels while you do Farmville on your laptop. You see someone who has worked hard on something, poured scores of hours into one project, and proudly shows it off. It doesn't cure cancer, it doesn't make the roads safer, and it doesn't make high fructose corn syrup good for you. Therefor, it's a waste of time and you snort and mock the hard working geeks.

I am tending to think that if you have enough time to waste sitting on the couch and mocking others with hiobbies, it's you who has too much time, not the geeks. Grabbing some paint with your goblin minis and putting a green hat on those level 2 vs orange hats on level 3 is not painting a mini. If you're going to do it, put time into it, care about it, and make someting. I think it's a fear of those who make things, honestly.

If people work an honest eight hours, and come home to their family, and then, when the kids are in bed, then turn their focus to creating something, that makes tou and your rerun of chicken gun episode of Mythbusters (a show where you can watch people make things) look sad and pointless.

To create, you have to a) choose something to create, B) work hard at creating, and c) face the possibility of failure. It's much, much easier to scoff at those who are creating and risking failure and just say that they have too much time on their hands. It's so much easier to comfortably settle onto the couch and be satsfied with your job, your family, and your well-deserved down time. And you know what? If your happy, honestly, with your life this way, then more power to you. But if you're satisfied with your life, why does someone spending several hours on one tiny little project offend you so freaking much?